The Facility of FAI (Faculty of Islamic Religion) Laboratory


Arabic and Islamic Studies Laboratory
This unit is one of the academic supporting units in the Faculty of Islamic Religion (FAI). It is managed by one lecturer as head of laboratory, one operational staff and two assistants. This laboratory is used for FAI students, lecturers and other people out of FAI. The program concerns with developing Arabic learning, Islamic studies by empowering electronic media such as computers.

Laboratory Objectives:

1. Developing Arabic language teaching program particularly in FAI and UMM environment in

2. Developing Arabic language teaching media and Islamic studies through computer.
3. Providing professional skills for Islamic study and Arabic language through computer.



1. Operating learning programs, trainings, Arabic language courses and Islamic studies.
2. Developing the curriculum, books and modules for Arabic language.
3. Creating media for teaching Arabic language and Islamic Studies
4. Conducting seminars and the like to developing Arabic language and computer learning for

    Islamic study.

The Patterns of Implementation

During a year all students of FAI are required to take Arabic Language comprehension program so that in the second year onwards, students are able to use their ability optimally on Islamic studies. Each of the three subjects (Al-Qur'an, Hadis, and Fiqih study) is taught with an introduction to Arabic language. For students who write thesis in Arabic, they are given privileges to use the computer laboratory.

4.3.2. Religious Education Laboratory
This unit is as the academic support at the level of Tarbiyah Department. It is managed by a lecturer and an assistant. The facilities available are Micro Teaching equipments and classroom for teaching practice. In addition, this laboratory also provides the media to do experiments on the theory and programs found by the lecturers.

Laboratory Objectives:

1. Providing students with skills and training to teach.
2. Making religious teaching media.
3. Evaluating teaching learning process in FAI and its improvement.



1. Managing the activities of many courses in Micro Teaching
2. Organizing the activity of Practice Teaching (PPL) provisioning.
3. Carrying out training and teaching supervision for FAI lecturers.
4. Conducting experiments and discussions about theories of teaching and religious education.
5. Composing  modules and Islamic teaching media.

The patterns of Implementation:
Cooperating with department and lecturers to coordinate the implementation of micro-lecturing, and conduct provisioning. Also for conducting PPL, the laboratory cooperates with certain schools as the place for students practice teaching.

4.3.3. Laboratory of Syari’ah and Islamic Law


This unit is a special unit that organizes Syari'ah students’ practicum on specific courses that require practice, namely:





Practicum courses



Fiqih Ibadah


§ Carrying out dead body

§ Carrying out  Hajj



Ilmu Falak (astronomy)


§ Hisab Method

§ Rukyat Method


Tanjung Kodok


Islamic Matrimonial Law


PPN (……..)



Islamic Inheritance


Distribution of Inheritance

Campus/ KUA/PA


Grant, probate & Wakaf


Wakaf management

Campus/ KUA


Court Practice


§ Advocate practice  in Religion Court

§ Magang di KUA

Campus/ KUA/PA

Laboratory Objectives:

1. Assisting the Department to held practicum in the field of Syari'ah science practices.
2. Helping  students having skills in the ability of practical Syari'ah law.
3. Displaying  relevant law (Syari'ah) research findings.
4. Documenting data about the development of Islamic law in Indonesia

There are three working areas of laboratory, they are:

A. Division of Study and Research

1. Conducting scientific studies of Syari'ah and Islamic law.
2. Conducting research in the field of Islamic law, particularly in ahwal asy-syakhshiyyah.

B. Division of Religious services and Library Documentation

1. Opening the religious consultation services.
2. Providing services to public about legal matters of Syari'ah practices.
3. Managing the documentation and library.

C. Division of Training and Practicum

1. Formulating and conducting training in accordance with the needs by inviting experienced practitioners.
2. Making concept about the implementation of practicum.
3. Organizing practicum for entitled students.

The laboratory operationally is held by Secretary of department under the responsibility of head of Syari’ah department and assisted by lecturers of the related subjects. This laboratory also cooperates with related institutions such as the Religious Court, Aisyiyah hospital and other institutions. In conducting training, laboratory invites practitioners and experts on their field.











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